It’s been a long time since our last J&TK, but this had to happen once Johnny Manziel got cut. I had to see it out.

Johnny Manziel went from fun to frightening really fast. It was like the police suddenly showing up at a killer party. I never thought he would be good. I wanted him to be good, because his brand of football was incredibly fun to watch, and he was an entertaining character that didn’t seem to be harming anyone. Then it got real. He spent two months in rehab, he got in altercations with his girlfriend, he tried to sneak into Vegas casinos or something while on team probation, the list goes on. His own agent fired him. What sports agent in history has fired their client? Especially one as marketable as JFF? How much of a trainwreck is this guy? His own father fears he won’t live to see age 25. As of Thursday, he was finally released from the Browns in a move that was only surprising because most of us thought he would have been cut on Wednesday instead.

In a league where Brock Osweiler gets 72 million dollars and Mark Sanchez continues to find work, it still feels like no one is going to touch him. The party is over and nobody wants the hangover. He might find work but honestly, right now he should probably focus on getting his life together. That’s more important. I don’t know how he’ll do without football being there. A lot of players use football to deal with their problems and help them focus to heal. Maybe football is his problem and without it he can fix himself. Who knows.