So last Friday I had some friends in town and we went on a nice hike up a nearby mountain called Dog Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge about an hour east of Portland. Those of you from the area probably know exactly what hike I mean. When we got finished with the hike we drove into Hood River, OR for lunch. On the way we noticed a huge plume of black smoke rising from a single small source a little further upriver. After lunch, on the way back to Portland, I realized the traffic on I-84 eastbound was a total mess. When I got back to PDX, I went on google and figured out why. This trainwreck pictured in the comic? Yeah that happened.  I have no idea if it made national news or not. But hey, I saw a literal trainwreck + fire, so that’s something I can check off the bucket list.

The trainwreck has caused a massive storm of angry debate (you know the type) for locals about oil fracking and all that. How so many people saw this coming but nothing was done, the classic hindsight is 20/20 I told you so people who were honestly probably right. I don’t know, I wasn’t heavily invested in this particular political issue, because I’m a doofus who draws football jokes for the internet. What it did make me think about was Johnny Manziel and the utter trainwreck he’s become. I think the latest news was about him trashing some hotel room and getting sued about it. I don’t know, with Johnny it feels like the main derailment has already happened and each subsequent instance of trouble is just one of the back end cars finally falling off the track. It’s a blur. And all the people who thought he’d bust are silently smirking to themselves about being right.

I didn’t really have a point to any of this I just thought about trainwrecks and wanted to make a Johnny joke because I’m a heartless bastard.