It’s beautiful. What else is there to say? We just witnessed Cleveland win a sports championship. I legitimately never thought I’d see the day it happened. But we did it. We witnessed the impossible. It wasn’t the Browns, no, but it was a championship to a city that hasn’t known what that felt like for over half a century.

I’ve never been this excited for a team to win a championship that wasn’t my own team. To win it, this way, after all these years…there aren’t words. This is the kind of impact sports can have on people. I’m so happy for northeast Ohio. Lebron actually did it, he brought the trophy home. He came back and he won it all for his home. They fought back from 3-1 against the “greatest” team in NBA history. Cleveland finally gets a nickname that isn’t depressing. Instead of The Drive or The Fumble, or even The Move and The Decision, they have The Block and The Comeback. Lebron is now officially a saint to the city and they will build a Lebron hall of fame next to the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

I’m going to make comics about this game all week because NFL offseason so I’ll get to my thoughts on the Warriors. For now, I think we need to just sit back and let the Cleveland fans enjoy it for once. The famous QB jersey of all the Browns QB names since 1999 has been officially retired. Not because the Browns won, but because the owner didn’t want to be negative anymore. For the first time in a long time, Cleveland isn’t a joke. Cleveland is a champion. Cleveland means something. I can’t even be snarky about it because I’m just so happy for them. Cleveland fans are some of the most loyal in the world after what they’ve been through. They finally got to experience that happiness. Bless you, Cleveland. Cleveland Rocks.

Cleveland, just don’t turn into Boston and the rest of us will always love you.