The instant I saw Johnny flip the bird last night I knew we were in for a rough week of Johnny Football. So lets start this week off right, with what is becoming a weekly joke, Johnny & the King. Is the joke worn out yet? Or is it just beginning? They will get fewer between once the season starts. And yes, I will address the Browns most recent QB addition, the time just needs to feel right first. Sexy Rexy comes when Sexy Rexy feels like coming.
The Ice Bucket Challenge is one of those things that really makes me want to hate it, but I feel like I can’t hate it because it’s doing so much actual good. At first it seemed like slacktivism at it’s worst: Donate 100 bucks to ALS research or dump ice water on your head and tell other people they have the same choice. I feel like we should be shaming the people who pick the ice bucket instead of donating. Dumping ice water on your head in the heat of summer is hardly that big a deal and a whimpy way to escape actually helping, but it appears many people are indeed donating anyway even when they dunk themselves. So it’s really stupid, but if it’s working, then whatever. It’s not as bad as the October Pinkocalypse or No Shave November (it took me 5+ years to find out Movember is about Prostate Cancer, not very good at raising awareness is it?) .