One day, I was in a grocery store, buying some frozen pizza because my girlfriend was out of town and I have no shame. I was in the aisle when I glance down to the other end, and there he was. A man wearing a Chris Johnson jersey. A Titans fan. In the wild. I couldn’t believe it. It was just a glimpse as he passed by the aisle, but I took off after him. I ran down the aisle but by the time I had reached the end, he was gone. I ran from aisle to aisle, trying to see where he went. I went up to an employee. I told him if he had seen the guy in the Titans jersey. He laughed at me. I asked again and he pulled out his phone and called the manager. They had to subdue me, and when I asked again they remarked that I must have been on drugs and ran a test. As I sat in the office, I saw out the window to the street, and there he was. Getting into his nondescript Ford. I jumped, I screamed, but when the employees looked it was too late, he was gone. I was released hours later when the drug test cleared.

Have you ever seen a Titans fan? What is your story?

Edit: fixed boneheaded use of wrong word