This is ridiculous.

I hated Illegal Contact before this season. Always thought it was a lame penalty, but it didn’t get called that often. Now it’s the worst, just the worst. I realize the Seahawks found a way to exploit the system, but maybe they should try to look at why the system sucked in the first place instead of just ramping up calls of stupid stupid penalties. The NFL has said they are going to keep calling these during the regular season. I honestly think that’s a bluff, because if it’s like this during the regular season the fans are going to be furious. Defenses are already so hampered by bullshit rules meant to keep offenses from being disrupted (some are good rules for safety, others like this and PI are just bad). Not to mention the dumbest fact of all: illegal contact is a 5 yard penalty, and an automatic first down. If the Offense is at 2nd and 9, and get an illegal contact, it’s 1st and ten. THAT IS SO DUMB. DUMB. DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB. You are dumb, NFL. you eat dumb for breakfast and you poop dumb into your dumb toilets and it goes into your dumb face when you dunk your own dumb head into your dumb toilets because you are dumb. It should be 5 yards, repeat down. 2nd and 9 becomes 2nd and 4. That still punishes the defense a fair amount (anything under 5 yards to go would still be an autofirst) but won’t completely shatter a defense. If they keep the current rule all year, and keep calling this penalty, we are going to have horribly paced games and record levels of scoring. It’s going to be garbage. It already is.

You dummys.

Oh and while your at it NFL why don’t you be practical and make defensive PI 15 yards like college does. That’s way better. Still a severe penalty, but not nearly as punishing a result when a ref makes a poor judgement call (which happens all the time with PI).