I feel like if I had been less lazy I could have gone to a thrift store, bought a bunch of random junk, put 12 on it somewhere, and sell it all in Seattle and make a killing. I bet there are many shop vendors and such who probably did just that. Something not selling? PUT A 12 ON IT! YOU SEE THIS NICE BAG? IT’S NICE, BUT AFTER I PUT A 12 ON IT IT’S IRRESISTIBLE.  12 12 12 12 12 12

The 12th man thing is cute and a nice way for fans to identify as a group, but man did it get overblown this season. Every other word during the parade/stadium celebration speeches was 12TH MAN, they even used it as a noun, referring to the fans as “twelves”. Yeesh. I like you, Seattle, and I’m happy for you, this is your big day, but feel free to tone that down just a touch. Especially in the coming years when it won’t be as cute since it already worked.

I wonder how many Seattle fans even realize that 12th Man isn’t even something Seattle came up with but something they stole from Texas A&M. A&M even sued them, but they settled out of court and Seattle gets to keep using it. You aren’t as quirky or unique as you think, twelves. You literally pay Texas A&M every year to use that cute little descriptor. Look it up.