Let’s talk cats!

The Lions might be good! After the underachievement of last season nobody really cared about the Lions much. After tying with the rebuilding Cardinals week 1, the Lions squeaked out a win against the Chargers, who I think many people assume to be at least a solid team. The Chargers have a tendency to under-perform in the early season and hurt their playoff potential down the road later on though so those who paid attention to this game probably wrote it off. Then they almost Lions’d the Eagles game away but stayed in it and won! I still don’t think anyone was giving them much credit yet. Ironically I think the game that got them the most positive attention was actually their only loss so far, when they took the mighty Chiefs down to the wire. The Lions might actually be good! They are stuck in a tough division which might make the playoffs a tight squeeze, but I don’t think anyone expected them to actually look like a competitor. Go lions!

Odd year bullshit, man. The Panthers are some wacky shit. They look pretty bad in the first two weeks CMC notwithstanding, Cam appears to be broken, and everyone stops looking when they start Kyle Allen. It appears to be a lost season without Cam. BUT WAS IT? Kyle Allen has led the team to 3 straight wins and kept them in the conversation in a tight NFC South. What is going on? Is Kyle Allen legit or is this just classic odd year magic?

I think if you told people before the season that the Jaguars would be 2-3 right now nobody would be that surprised. What I doubt anyone would expect is Gardner Minshew, first of his name. I’ve kept mum on Minshew Mania thus far because I have greater plans for him but it needs more time in the oven. The Jags are simultaneously a mess and surprising everyone. Does Jalen Ramsey want out? Is the team going to implode? Did Nick Foles really throw one touchdown only to get completely usurped upon injury to a guy who looks like a 70’s porn actor? Yes! I love it.


Okay that’s not fair. Holy fuck