And another chapter of Washington dysfunction closes. Farewell Jay Gruden. Called it!

I think Jay Gruden is a good coach who got stuck in hell. I think that’s why he lasted as long as he did. He was hired in 2014! It feels remarkable that a Washington coach lasted that long. He was a dead man walking this season and in the long run he’ll be fine. I think he’s a good offensive coordinator and will likely get another HC gig some years down the road. It says something about a coach when he gets fired early in the season and players are actively breaking down and mourning his loss. You rarely see that happen for a coach fired like this. Nobody was crying about Ben McAdoo leaving. Gruden was clearly liked by his guys even when the team was complete shit. He never lost the locker room. So even if it probably was time for Gruden to go (past time, honestly), I respect Jay Gruden.

But I have no respect for the Skins organization. At this point I’m not even sure if any Skins fans still do. Nobody should. If there was ever a team that feels deserving of a fan boycott it is the Skins.

What else can I even say at this point? What hasn’t been said about Dan Snyder or Bruce Allen by now? Every single thing you hear about Dan Snyder makes him seem angrier, pettier, and dumber. He pimps out his cheerleaders. He uses the death of former players for profit. He sues old ladies who can no longer afford season tickets. He parades Native Americans out onto the field to pretend he’s honoring native history in a cheap exploitative move. He undermines the authority of his coaches and hires yes men to run the front office. Dan Snyder is a piece of shit of the highest order. Apparently he doesn’t even allow players to look at him. Fuck Dan Snyder.

I don’t think many of my readers liked this comic because it’s pretty gross but I still think it’s the best piece on the Skins I ever made.

It sounded like the final backbreak came this offseason when Gruden apparently didn’t want Dwayne Haskins but Snyder did. I think the common logic is that Gruden wanted Jones (which gives some credence to the draft rumors about why Gettleman picked him at 6) but Snyder wanted Haskins, and Snyder gets what Snyder wants. So now Gruden has to work with a player he didn’t want who wasn’t the fit for his team and the player was obviously aware of this, and everything fell apart. Sound familiar? RG3 was just one coaching regime ago. What a joke. So normally when a coach gets fired like this, the fanbase is happy. The Skins fanbase was not happy. Skins fans knew that this firing didn’t solve the problem. Bruce Allen and especially Dan Snyder are still there.

Until they leave, this is just going to keep happening. At least Gruden can now be free.