So this was originally going to be comic #1000. I’ve been trying to come up with my plan for that one for a month now, and the black cat comic idea I had (signing with the Skins and getting pissed at Dan Snyder to mock the Trent Williams situation) suddenly ballooned in scope to the epic you see before you. But outside the Sexy Rexy appearance and maybe Belichick/Muffins cameo, it didn’t feel like much of a reward to my long-time readers, which is kind of what I want comic #1000 to be.

Luckily, that’s what it should be, and for anyone who has missed a long-dormant running gag, I hope it makes you happy. It should be up bright and early this Monday. I can’t believe it is really happening.

I know this one seems long overdue and everyone has forgotten about Metlife Rally Cat now that Myles Garrett is our new topic of primetime mayhem, but the feral kitty did indeed deserve his time in the sun. From the most recent stories I can find (posted Nov 7th so possibly very out of date), the cat is still on the loose. Live free, puss! Don’t let the man keep you down. You sink your feral rabid teeth into the local Jets or Giants. Maybe aim for Adam Gase, I’m sure the Jets fans would appreciate it.

I’m rooting for you, cat. Your elusiveness has proven exceptional, and scouts have taken notice.