I made this comic in the 2017 offseason and 2 years later, it still works. Obviously later that season Nelson Agholor seemed like he got his act together and the Eagles actually did go on a run and win it all, but this season makes it look like an anomaly. The Eagles have problems and you could directly point to Nelson Agholor not catching an important ball on a final drive as a fairly direct cause of at least two losses this year. It might be worse, I haven’t been keeping up the with the team this season. I’ve gotten most of my information through osmosis online, so any Eagles fan can feel free to correct me and give more details.

I’m not really sure why the Eagles are struggling as much as they are. I expected Dallas and Philly’s positions to be switched. Wentz looks a bit off but he has no protection. They can’t seem to run the ball nearly as well as I thought they would (I was pretty pissed they got Jordan Howard and I expected them to be a top rushing threat this year). Why is Alshon Jeffrey bad now? Why did Nelson Agholor learn how to catch for roughly one season? The Bills are putting up slightly better total numbers and Josh Allen still hasn’t thrown for 300 yards.

Anyway somewhere out there that one hero from Philly who actually catches things is shaking his head in disappointment.