Maybe his rap name is Alshon Jeffries.

The Iggles took a big step towards solving their biggest problem when they signed Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery strikes me as a good but not quite great WR, but honestly it’s hard to tell because he had such garbage throwing to him most of the time in Chicago. Jeffery could be secretly great, or he might actually be mediocre at best and that one season with Josh McCown was a fluke. I guess we can find out soon enough. My favorite part is that he took Agholor’s number when he arrived. Agholor has stooped so low he can’t even keep his number from a mid-range free agent. His number was dropped just like him.

The Eagles are going to be an interesting team to watch in the next few years. Wentz showed enough to look like a potential long term franchise guy, but things got worse as the season went on and judging from 1 season anyway is stupid. But if he pans out, that’s the main piece and it just matters if the rest can be built around him. The WRs were the biggest problem last season, drops galore. They also had some defensive problems. I don’t see them being true contenders soon but probably playoff contenders. I hope they poop their pants. Poopy team. Pee pee and doo doo. You know what? I don’t have the same hate I used to with DJax and McCoy gone. I think the Cowboys might have snuck into that #1 hate spot this past year.

Honestly that’s all I got for this one I just wanted to do another rap┬ácomic