Dontari Poe, stellar quarterback and part time defensive tackle, has left the Chiefs and has become an Atlanta Falcon on a pretty cheap 1 year deal. I was surprised by this, I thought Poe was good, but I don’t follow the Chiefs that close enough I guess. Chiefs fans, help me out here: why did you let Poe go? Was he just a fatty fat who didn’t do much?

He seems like a good fit for the Falcons. Falcons defense started to find itself by the end of the year and while their current legacy is giving up a 25 point lead in the biggest game they still have a lot of promise. Chubs here will plug up the middle and give the edge rushers some more leeway.

When I was younger I watched a couple episodes of the teletubbies in the process of babysitting my then baby sister and that show was really weird. Kids shows are always weird and mostly nonsense with bright colors but I distinctly remember that they watched something on their TV stomachs and then they all went AGAIN AGAIN and watched the exact same video, AGAIN. Frame for frame. I still have no idea why. Were they that desperate to fill airspace? Was it supposed to emulate the whole thing where kids demand to watch the same nonsense over and over again until the tape is worn out? Actually now that I think about it, that’s probably it. Also the purple one had a purse and was totally gay for the green one. It was like seeing Aaron Rodgers and Sam Bradford be hot for each other.

I kind of wish the teletubbies would get a gritty reboot where they watch porn on the stomach TVs and struggle to pay rent as circus freaks and the baby in the sun is now a full blown adult who ain’t got time for that. At least Tinky Winky can get married to his true love.