This is not the first time I’ve complained about this, and frustratingly, I doubt it will be the last. This has been an ongoing problem for years, and they simply won’t address it.

A surreal thing happened this week. On Sunday, the Falcons were hit by probably one of the worst calls of the year and another prized trophy in the case of bullshit roughing calls. It took a huge momentum swing away from a surging team on the verge of an incredible comeback and stopped it cold because the league had to protect the golden boy. Well, golden middle-aged man. Brady has always gotten the benefit of these calls but this one especially hurt as it felt like the Falcons were on the verge of something incredible against a Bucs team that is struggling to keep itself afloat. Plus, it was totally a bullshit call. The call was made by Jerome Boger’s ref squad, a squad that has been notoriously bad in recent years and made a horrible call just the previous week in Ravens/Bills. The call was easily the Outrage Of The Week ™.

So naturally, I was also pissed and came up with this fairly obvious idea that many jokesters have also made. So there I am, sketching out this comic, getting the layout finished, moving panels, figuring it out, when another horrible roughing call, one that was arguably even worse, occurs on Chris Jones after strip sacking Derek Carr. The call was egregious for numerous reasons (my favorite reason will always be that it’s kind of impossible to defy physics). But even then, Jones actually did brace his arm to reduce his body weight, and his other arm had the ball in it. Garbage call, essentially gifted the Raiders 3 points, and the immediate immense backlash clearly rattled the referee crew because they then made several bad makeup calls in KC’s favor and sounded terrified when talking.

A lot of folks have speculated that it is a response to the Tua situation. In the Brady sack, I can almost see the logic. Grady Jarrett, by virtue of the angle he takes, kind of whips Brady around while taking him to the ground. Could he have not done that? Maybe, or eased up on it, but not without risk of Brady getting away and he still might have gotten called regardless. I hate this because frankly, if this is in response to Tua, then these tackles should be illegal against everyone, not just golden middle age man. Every player is at risk of a concussion if they get whipped to the ground, and this happens to receivers, runningbacks, return men, you name it. You rarely see those roughing penalties get called on people besides QBs. But also, it shouldn’t be illegal in the first place. Jarett’s whip was far less violent than other examples in the genre, and the calls are still woefully inconsistent between QBs. Poor Cam. I’ll always think of poor Cam.

Considering it took the refs a 5-minute discussion to actually throw the flag and commit to the penalty, I am once again begging the NFL to institute the AAF’s Sky Judge. What a brilliant concept that has just been cast aside. Yeah, refs have a hard job. They are going to mess up in the speed of the moment. That’s why you make it one dude’s job to analyze the replays in quick real-time and make a final call. Let the damn refs use technology to see if they got something wrong in the moment. It might not have spared Jarrett, but it probably would have spared Jones, considering that everyone and their mother who watched the replay, announcers included, were fuming about how bad a call it was. A sky judge would have seen it. PUT IN A SKY JUDGE.

I can’t wait for nothing to come of this. That’s my favorite part. Love to scream into the void.