Don’t you love a story with a happy ending?

Adrian Peterson is done with the Vikings and I have no idea where he’s gonna go. There were a lot of rumors he was interested in the Giants but he’s asking for way too much money and after the Josh Brown debacle I don’t think the Giants are quite dumb enough to take on a child abuser. The PR would be garbage and they’d deserve every joke thrown their way if they did. That said, even removing Peterson from the child abuse stuff, he’d probably be a mistake for the Giants. He’s on the wrong side of 30, probably wants too much money, and has had injuries pile up, superhuman comeback abilities can only work so much. He probably has a few years left playing mediocre football between injuries for some team as he fades away like most aging great RBs.

It will be weird seeing Peterson in different colors wherever he goes. It’s always weird seeing long time legends wear different uniforms. Maybe he’ll end up a Raven and stay in the color purple.

Have you guys gotten a Nintendo Switch yet? As a massive Zelda nerd I was pretty tempted to pick one up simply so I could play Breath of the Wild, but I decided not to. Buying hardware at launch seems to invite risk. I never buy anything full price anymore anyway. I’ve been avoiding discussion on it because I’ll probably play it sometime later after the Switch’s technical issues get ironed out and more games come out. I like the idea of the Switch, it seems like what the WiiU was supposed to be. Nintendo seems to be accepting they do a better job at handhelds than consoles┬áso they just split the difference between them.