Roberto Aguayo was terrible last season. For an NFL kicker, he played terribly. He became a laughing stock and honestly, his poor kicking may have cost the Bucs a game or two. He may have single handedly cost them a playoff shot. So much goes into a football game that you truly can’t ever pinpoint a single kick, but he hurt the Bucs more than he helped.

The Bucs, possibly realizing their mistake, brought in Nick Folk as competition. Honestly I’m not sure this was a a good idea. Roberto was faced with the harsh burden of expectation when the Bucs defied logic and drafted him in the 2nd (Fucking lol, still) so showing a guy that much confidence to overdraft you and then after you have a rough start bringing in seasoned competition has to be a massive hit to what confidence Aguayo has left. If you draft someone in the 2nd, even a kicker, give them a little more time. I still laugh my ass off at the Bucs overdrafting him but even I think the guy deserves another half season at least before the panic button gets hit. Kickers are weird, streaky creatures.

I also feel bad for the poor guy. No jokes, no pressure would be made if the Bucs drafted him in the 4th or later like they should have. I said it before and I’ll say it again: drafting a kicker above the 3rd round is incredibly stupid and any justifications are weak sauce.

I see you there, ready to throw Seabass in my face. Go eat a lemon. The Raiders could have had Seabass in the 3rd and gotten plenty of other players in the first round (Like Tom Brady!). Just because he worked out doesn’t make drafting him there worth it. The Giants had to drop a kicker mid-season last year, picked up a cut Robbie Gould, and were fine. The kicking position simply doesn’t have any substantial draft value.