DAVE COMPUTER UPDATE: I should have a new graphics card on Monday which will hopefully temporarily get me back to working speeds while I work on getting a new computer. In the meantime this is a full comic because I had an idea that only required drawing one panel. HOORAY!

Twas a bad week for kickers, my goodness. Something like 19 total kicks (field goals and extra points) were missed. The Browns maybe lost a game because of it. The Vikings and Packers ended up tied because of it. Vikings kicker Daniel Carlson took the worst of it all, missing two game winners that would have put them over the top in Lambeau. Then he got fired for missing those kicks and the Vikings signed Dan Carpenter BAILEY (Too many Dan kickers I say) immediately. The Browns also cut Zane Gonzalez, who may very well be the reason the Browns are 0-1-1.

All I smell right now is a Roberto Aguayo comeback setup.

Let’s do it. Bring the man back. Let his redemption reign over us all.