I’m real confused guys. The Titans have become one of the most fun teams in the NFL right under our noses without anyone realizing it. It doesn’t make any sense, but that is what has happened. The Titans just dunked hardcore all over the Packers and got a few people to notice them this past weekend, but really, it’s been this way most of the season. The Titans are fun! I don’t want to say good, at least genuinely good, not yet, but they are close, and they are playing fun football as they rise.

I don’t know how this happened. By all accounts it shouldn’t be happening. The Titans were the worst team in football last season. They replaced Ken Whisenhunt with Mike Mularkey, a coach who’s best known for getting fired from the cursed Jaguars after one season. He vowed to play “exotic smashmouth” and looked to waste the talent of a young QB who was built for anything but that. The offensive line, despite several first round picks, was bad. They picked up Demarco Murray, who was considered a product of the Dallas O-line after failing hard in Philly. The defense had basically no recognizable names on it besides Brian “More or less mediocre” Orakpo. The only other names on that D that anyone knows are the corpse of rapist Perrish Cox and Jason McCourty, I guess. By all accounts, this team should be terrible.

But they are fun! They are arguably good!

Is..is…Mike Mularkey a good coach? Or at least not the complete joke we thought he was? (Oh shit)
Is Marcus Mariota a secret star? He’s perfect in the Redzone! Have people only written him off because Titans? (Yes)
Is Delanie Walker awesome? (He is)
Is Demarco Murray actually good (Looks like it!)
Has the O-line finally come together? (Maybe!)
Can the average NFL fan name a defender on that roster now? (I highly doubt it!)

I really can’t say the Titans are truly good yet. Their wins so far have been against:
The Lions (Controversy in that win too)
Dolphins (Pre-figuring out Jay Ajai is good)
Browns (lol)
Jaguars (lol)
Packers (wait what? Oh, hold on, the Packers are bad this season. But still, a slaughter)

But missing in these somewhat unimpressive wins are the fact that they’ve also been competitive in their losses. Only the Vikings loss strikes me as truly what everything expected from this team, and even that game wasn’t too bad. Mariota had 2 TDs on that Defense. They played the Texans, Colts, Chargers, & Raiders fairly close. The Titans aren’t quite playoff caliber yet, but they might be next year, and could be this year if the Texans collapse (highly possible, kind of stunned the Texans have that many wins as it is).

But they lead the entire league in rushing. Top 10 in passing (only 2 teams have more passing TDs!). top half in receiving yards! They are #2 in total offense!  The defense needs work, but this team is actually kind of good!

I started TheDrawPlay back after the Jeff Fisher era, around Mike Munchak (remember him?), so the Titans have been a joke as long as I’ve done this site. This is the first season when the Titans have been worth watching in the DP era, and I’m kind of excited about it.