First things first: Chris Kluwe was not cut because of his activism, and people need to stop thinking so. Kluwe himself suggested it, and the Governor of Minnesota also seemed to suggest it. Kluwe did not get cut because he champions Gay Rights. The media just wants that to be true so they publish it anyway. No NFL team would be dumb enough to actually cut a player for activism on a hot button topic, the blowback would be astounding. But since Kluwe has been vocal this year, and he just got cut, people are just combining the two because it’s convenient and sensational.

This article from Outsports goes into more detail about why this is all a bunch of crap.

Kluwe was cut because of the numbers game. I’ll link this article by Gendo on FireJerryKill, which goes into some depth about the stats behind Kluwe’s release

To summarize that article, Kluwe is fine at kicking the ball deep, but his directional punting is weak, and the new punter, Jeff Locke, is known for his directional ability. The Vikings also saved some quality dough in the process. The Vikings have been overhauling their special teams for a couple years and Kluwe is just the most recent casualty. The cold, calculating business side of sports got to Kluwe, not prejudice. Kluwe has a fine gig as a blogger/nerd hero, so he’ll be fine. From what I can tell, the Vikings cut him this early so that he can find another team before the season starts.

Edit: The Raiders got him like a day after I posted this