In the famous tundra of Lambeau Field one brisk wildcard night in January of 2005, the Minnesota Vikings, a wildcard team, was facing the Green Bay Packers, the division winner. The Packers had beaten the Vikings twice in the regular season and believe it or not, in all their years of existence, had never played each other in the playoffs. The Vikings beat them, 31-17. The Vikings scored 17 points in the first quarter alone and Green Bay never caught up. If you were tired of the cheeseheads and loved the Vikings, as I did at the time, this was a delightful game.

The game itself however might not be all that remembered if the final scoring play hadn’t gone down the way it did. By the mid-4th quarter, the Packers had managed to squirm within 7 points, and the score was 24-17. Culpepper decided this was as good a time as any to put a lid on it and chucked a bomb to Moss, who caught the touchdown in the corner of the endzone. Randy, ever the best, decided to really rub it into the fans who he effectively just sent home. He ran over to the goalpost, mimed dropping his pants and “mooned” the crowd, then rubbed his ass like a dog on the goal. It was hilarious. I remember laughing my butt off, my dad laughing his butt off, and my mom laughing with mild amusement. We were laughing so hard I actually kinda missed Joe Buck’s call of the event, which is now famous.

As a side note, apparently Cris Collinsworth was Buck’s color commentator that game? Weird.

Buck has gotten his fair share of justified criticism over the years but that call remains probably his worst. Moss fake mooning the crowd was pretty hilarious and if he had said nothing and barely reacted, I doubt anything would have come of it. Was it vulgar? A bit, sure. Kinda crass for a primetime game in front of millions? Yeah, maybe not the best time to mimick pulling your pants down. But on the other side of the argument, it was barely obscene. Mooning is something kids learn about at a young age because as rude gestures go it’s more comical and goofy than outright rude. He didn’t even actually moon anyone, he just pretended to. No kid alive to watch that was offended. They were all probably laughing as hard as I was. My parents were both the type of people to frown on dancing and celebration and they were laughing at it. Apparently, the only person besides Packers fans who also weren’t laughing was Joe Buck.

His overly sanctimonious call “That is a DISGUSTING ACT by Randy Moss” is now NFL lore. It was such a self-serious call and even at the time people were mocking how absurdly dramatic Buck sounded. Buck spat that call out as if Randy had just whipped his dick out and peed on the Packers logo. A playful moon might not be the cleanest of celebrations but acting all Helen Lovejoy about it was unnecessary. You could almost hear Buck’s monocle drop into his martini. The nonsense worked though, and Randy’s already poor reputation as a diva got him sent to the Raiders the following year. The Disgusting Act is actually his final touchdown as a Viking until his very brief return years later.

Anyway Buck should have saved that call for the next season when the Vikings went and had Sex Boat. Lots of disgusting acts on Sex Boat. Randy would have loved Sex Boat.