That Sunday night football game was pretty solid. Seattle is on the upswing after their usual early season disappointment, the Pats are in the middle of their usual monolithic seasonal stomping of the weak and were ripe for their random mid-to-late season loss to keep expectations in check. Made for a great game. Watching the Pats lose is always a quality time these days because it never happens so when it does, you gotta relish it. Soak it in, enjoy it.

That said I got a huge kick out of Seattle fans after that one, acting like it somehow made up for the heartbreak loss two years ago. As Pats fans yelled and posted pictures of Gronk and Kam basically wrestling each other and saying how Gronk was unfairly not flagged the Twelves (shudder) were laughing at the irony of them losing because they threw it from the 1 when they had LeGarrette “The name that launched a thousand pun headlines” Blount as a runningback. I even saw some cries of “SWEET REVENGE!”

Nah. Don’t get me wrong, beating the Pats in Foxboro is a worthy accomplishment, but a week 10 win ain’t shit to celebrate unless you’re the Browns. It certainly doesn’t make up for the still hilarious end of SB49 where the hearts and minds of newbie fans faced the harsh reality of sports for the first time as they realized this was real life, and in real life sometimes the bad men win. Because you’re stupid, and you call a risky slant pass to your tiny receiver who can’t outbox anyone and watch in horror as the DB makes a great play and you have to eat it the jokes forever, and ever, as you’ll always wonder what could have been if Darrell Bevel wasn’t a dipshit or what if Malcom Butler wasn’t there when he was or the thoughts that torment you for the rest of your sports fandom until you try desperately to push the thoughts away and move on with your life and sometimes you do but in the back of your mind you still scream WHY DIDN’T WE GIVE IT TO MARSHAWN

Yeah, this game made up for that. Plus side is that this is a very possible Super Bowl matchup preview, so you showed you can take them I guess.

I did like it when they sacked Brady and he sat pouting on the ground for like a minute like Gisele told him he couldn’t have a cookie.