With this year being as chaotic as it is, there have been several candidates for the biggest disappointment of the year. The Chiefs looked absolutely broken for the first half of the season but seem to have put themselves back together for the moment and are now back in front. The Chargers, a team with so much potential after last season, started strong but have become the Chargers once more. The 49ers also struggled mightily for the first half and have also found a rhythm. But until recently, the Dolphins felt like far and away the huge disappointment. I even already made a comic on it. But the Dolphins have figured something out. Tua is playing good football. The defense is doing good. The Dolphins may not reach the playoffs, but everyone involved appears to have saved themselves provided they don’t plummet off the cliff after this.

I cannot say the same for the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe it was lost in the noise of all the other disappointing teams, or maybe the Russ finger injury blinded us, but the Seahawks are trash this year. This isn’t a good team held back by injuries, ala the Browns or Saints. This team is just bad. At this point, in week 13, they currently have a higher draft pick than the woeful New York Jets. What adds insult to injury is that they don’t own that pick. The woeful New York Jets own that pick thanks to last year’s Jamal Adams trade.

The Seahawks have been slowly slipping down the slope into mediocrity and failure since the Malcolm Butler pick, but it’s been a very slow and methodical slip until this year. This year they fell off a cliff. Even Russ just kinda sucks now. DK Metcalf isn’t getting any targets for some reason. They can’t run no matter how much Pete Carrol wants to. It seems like the team’s terrible drafting has finally truly caught up to them. Last year the Hawks were in contention for the #1 seed very late into the year. They settled for 1st in the NFCW and the #3 seed. They promptly got manhandled by a dominant Rams defense in the wildcard and they’ve been shit since. This team has had flaws for a while but I don’t think anyone could have envisioned it would get this ugly.

The Hawks remaining games are a mixed bag. They get to play the Texans, Lions, and Bears, but also the Cardinals, Rams, and 49ers. The Cardinals are competeting for the top seed. The Rams and 49ers are making a play right behind them for two wildcards. The Hawks have 3 wins. They’d have 9 wins if they won out, which won’t happen. This team finally hit the wall and they won’t even get to fuck up a first round pick for their efforts. Maybe the era of the Hawks we knew is finally over and they’ll spend the next half decade trying to rebuild around Russ, hoping he hasn’t lost his touch. Been a hell of a decade but everything has to end sometime.