It’s weird to think about it since their rise seemed so fast, but the Legion of Boom may as well be dead now. The core original crew that took them to the bowl and won are gone outside Earl Thomas. Brandon Browner left immediately and won another ring against them the following year. Richard Sherman got released and is now on their most hated rival, at least the Legion era’s most hated rival. Biggest rival now is probably the Rams. Kam Chancellor finally decided to hang them up too. That hard hitting style finally came back to bite him.

So now Earl Thomas is just there. Alone. He has a bunch of new cats around him but the guy has already briefly flirted with retirement and given off rumors that he might want out of Seattle too. The Seahawks dominance era has ended. The team we saw rise to the top is gone. All that is left are a bunch of old dudes, Pete Carroll, Russ, and ET. It’s honestly kind of sad, but every era has to end. The Hawks fans should consider themselves lucky, because the window has probably closed for the time being. They did what you more or less have to do in this league to get a championship. You draft very well for a few seasons so you have a ton of studs on cheap contracts, load up with solid depth mid-range talent, get a good coach and have a franchise QB. That’s a recipe for success and the only way to really capitalize on that window, unless you’re the Patriots.

The Eagles followed that formula. The Broncos a few years ago felt similar, especially on D. You gotta get everything right for that 3-4 year window to have that chance. The Hawks did it and they should be proud. Now that they’re slipping back into the depths known as mediocrity we shall see the bandwagoners slow down and the real fans they made during this era now understand it won’t always be so easy. Have fun with what I like to call “post-success slide”, which is when you have to pay everyone who was on that team, lose all your depth, and then struggle until you hit some good draft picks again or everything blows up. Russ will continue to be good and his last best years will likely be wasted, thankfully he already got his so it won’t be a total bummer.

It was good while it lasted, Seattle. Treasure those dudes forever.



also I’m just gonna say it Legion of Boom is a garbage nickname. All I can think of is that stupid POD song whenever I hear it.