I got a big kick out of it last year when the Seahawks played badly against the Packers in the NFCCG and then Russell Wilson turned into a crying weirdo who kept proclaiming how God was testing him and all that. Maybe God is just sick of the Packers. Or maybe Russell forgot to say his daily amount of prayer on Sunday so God laughed at him for a full half and then teased him in the second like a jerk. Whatever the case was, thank goodness we won’t have any Pats/Hawks rematch in the bowl. That would have been an awful end to this year even if the game was good.

That Seahawks game was crazy. The Panthers looked like gods themselves in that first quarter. They ate Russell up. Cam’s pass to Greg Olsen was a thing of beauty. They just put the pedal down and ran over the Hawks. Then they almost pulled a tortoise and the hare and took a nap while the Seahawks marched up the scoreboard. Russell almost cried from joy all over again. But I guess 31 points is pretty tough to overcome. It got pretty scary for a bit there though. The Panthers have gone through this season with swagger and confidence but they keep getting uncomfortably close to having it all fall apart. I’d be kind of nervous as a fan. That’s the 4th(?) time this season the Panthers almost gave up a huge lead by appearing to get lazy. The Colts forced overtime with 17 4th quarter points. The Packers and Giants also both gave them a big scare late. I would have said whoever won Panthers/Hawks was going to probably win the Super Bowl, but now I’m not so sure. Pride comes before a fall. ¬†Of course the Cardinals looked a little off this past weekend too, needing a few miracles to win and giving up a few miracles themselves. This will be a good game.

Also Making a Murderer is good and depressing if you have Netflix watch it.