I’m going to love it in a few years once these guys are both gone. They’ve had a great run but I’d love to see something new. The AFC has been incredibly top heavy for over a decade and it’s just so boring now to get the same few teams at the top over and over and over again. Since 2000, the AFC has had only 6 teams represent the AFC in the Bowl. (Pats 6x, Colts 2x, Steelers 3x, Ravens 2x, Broncos 1 Raiders 1). They’ve had 6 different QBs (Tom 6x, Ben 3x, Peyton 3x, Flacco, Dilfer & Gannon once each). Plus this year we get either Brady 7 times or Peyton 4 times. The AFC is going to be so interesting once this era is finally over. Joe Flacco will finally blossom into the Elite master he was born to be.

For comparison, the NFC since 2000: 13 different teams. (Seahawks 3x, Giants 3x, everyone else once, with Arizona and Carolina looking for #2). No QB has gone more than twice (Eli, Warner, Wilson). I saw a lot of people say that the AFC just has the best QBs and that’s why it’s the same teams but that’s not true. They just have 3 of the best QBs on 3 of the most competent organizations. The NFC has plenty of QB talent capable of winning it all. Actually, maybe that’s why it’s so diverse, because the NFC has more. Rodgers, Eli, Brees & Wilson have already proven they can do it. I’d say Romo, Cam, & Ryan (not this year’s Ryan) are also very capable of winning it all. The AFC has Brady, Ben, Manning, Flacco, and then I guess Rivers. There are a couple nice younger guys in the AFC waiting their turn but they aren’t good enough yet (Dalton & Luck). So the AFC sits around in second tier waiting for the top to fall off while the NFC slugs it out every single season.