Okay, so I bet this isn’t what people were expecting, but I got this idea 3 years ago and I’ve been sitting on it forever, and I never thought it’d get a chance to make it. I needed the Patriots to win a Super Bowl against a team not named the Giants and I finally got my chance. I tried to make it work independent of the reference, but in case you have no idea where this is coming from, This is a specific parody of the opening to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I just liked the idea that Eli beating the Patriots is like Link vs Ganon, and that if the Patriots rose to the Super Bowl without Eli there to stop him, it would be all over for the rest of us. I’m a nerd.

If I feel up to it maybe I’ll throw the images into a video file with the music and bring it full circle.

I’ll be making Super Bowl comics all week so I won’t get into too much post-game analysis. Safe to say though that game was probably a top 5 Super Bowl ever. Game lulled in a few spots, especially when it looked like Seattle was about to pull away in the 3rd-early 4th, but it delivered. Unbelievable. I went into the game almost apathetic about the whole thing with little excitement, and by the end I was absolutely riveted. (I also found myself rooting for the Patriots down the stretch, So I guess my loyalties ended up with Belichick after all)

It’s crazy how it seemed like a Patriots/Giants SB at the end there. Patriots finally got the lead, leaving too much time on the clock for the other team. A couple good plays and the freak catch happens. When Kearse came down with that ball I thought it was over. I mean, how do you lose after a play like that? 1st and goal, the best power RB in the league behind you, one play and 4 yards gained, Belichick isn’t calling the timeout, what are the Patriots doing, here’s the play and OH GOD DID THE PATRIOT GUY CATCH THAT

I don’t think passing there was necessarily a bad idea at all. They were slightly too crunched for time because they probably expected Belichick to call Time out, and when he didn’t it screwed them up. If they run it and didn’t make it (Which is possible, they didn’t like the defense they saw), then they have to take their timeout. Then they pretty much have to try a pass play on 3rd to make sure the clock can’t run out, then whatever on 4th if that fails. That timeout they had to burn earlier in the drive to save a Delay of Game really came back to haunt them. So I understand the rationale behind the passing call. What I don’t understand is the specific slant route. Why that play? They expect a run up the gut, don’t throw it near the middle, that doesn’t seem safe. Play action, roll Wilson out, see if anything is there, if not throw it away. Far safer. Instead they throw an inside slant to a small receiver who isn’t going to overpower anyone, and the DB reads it perfectly. Even if he caught the ball, the impact probably would have kept him out of the endzone judging from the replay. It was just a dumb call.

Then they bite on an obvious hard count to give up their one remaining possible chance, then Bennett and Irvin start a fight and make the Hawks look classless (Argue all you want about how “justifiably” mad they were, I don’t remember other teams doing that when the SB is lost on a close one. Including the Patriots). Just a total brain fart at the most crucial point in the game. I’d say I feel bad for them, but I really don’t. They won it all just last season and their team looks built to last. This won’t be the last time Seattle has a chance, but it probably will hurt for a long time.

Patriots fans can finally rest and bring out the smug again. I’m legitimately happy for Brady. He seems like a good guy and I just can’t hate him as a person, and watching him jump up and down like a 5 year old when the INT happened was so adorable. I have no real hatred of Belichick, I love Gronk, Revis, Edleman, Amendola, and of course Big Vince. Honestly if the Patriots weren’t this boring juggernaut of success every year I’d probably like them a lot more. Congrats, New England. You overcame the crazy catch curse and can celebrate all year. Russell Wilson tried so hard to absorb the essence of Eli magic, but only Eli can be Eli, and thus the Patriots stand victorious.

Watch out next year, the prophesy is due.