This is going to be one of those comics I go back to in a year and wonder “what the hell was this mocking?”

I feel bad for Left Shark. Gets caught by social media dancing poorly during the halftime show and instant meme status. Now Left Shark is getting ironic love from everyone all because he was a bad dancer. Some weirdo even got a tattoo. But what about the poor shark himself? How does the guy inside that suit feel right now? “Hi honey, just got back from work, rough day, the entire world started mocking me for my skills. Also I dressed up as a shark to background dance with a 30 year old pop star who makes songs for teenagers, this is my life now”

I didn’t see the Halftime show. I haven’t watched one since the corpses of The Who got up on stage and depressed everyone with how old they were. Halftime shows aren’t enjoyable to me anymore, it’s just crazy spectacle with random guest stars being thrown at you left and right and when something is so ridiculous it kind of stops being ridiculous and starts blending together into noise. It’s so choreographed and staged anyway that it doesn’t have the magic improvisational aspect of a real concert. I throw the football with friends during halftime now.
When I came back in to find Left Shark had taken over the world I was just sort of confused. Within the day Left Shark was already overplayed. Left Shark had already jumped itself. We killed Left Shark. Left Shark is dead. Long live Left Shark.