Remember, less than a year ago, during the season even, when it seemed like maybe the Browns might have finally turned a corner? Now the savior gimmick QB looks like a possible huge bust and is in rehab. They may have alienated their average but loyal hometown hero QB. Their star WR is a complete dumbass. Their GM is getting in trouble for texting. The whole organization is a problem, and the owner is still a dishonest criminal. Every time they make a change there is hope, and then not long after that the fans start saying “well if they can just fix this one thing”…and then something new takes it’s place. The never ending cycle of poorly run organizations.

Maybe one day the Browns won’t be the pity station of every other fanbase. Maybe one day their fans can feel proud, and not hate the fact that the rest of us pity them so. Maybe one day it’ll finally turn around. I’ve drawn so many comics about the Browns being bad that even I wish they’d be good so I could stop drawing them as I feel like I’m now repeating myself. 15 years. 15 years they’ve been at this. This year they finally looked average and had their best start in so long…and it all came unraveled even harder than normal in some ways.

I hope Nike doesn’t screw up their uniforms this year as rumors are suggesting. I love the Browns uniforms.