Hell yeah! I have a hockey team now. Seattle is close enough that I can go to games when I want to and watch some fun sports. I say this with the hopeful outlook that one day our modern hell will end.

I’ve never managed to really grab a hockey fandom in all these years. Didn’t care about it till college, and that was Buffalo sports territory, I don’t hate myself that much. There wasn’t a team out here in the PNW except Vancouver, a place far enough away that it would have been an effort to get involved. For a short while I guess I gave a bit of a bone to the Columbus Blue Jackets because I have some very hockey family in that area who adopted them. But it isn’t the same. Now though? I can get in ground floor and have some fun. I’m into it. I’m gonna be whatever the hockey equivalent of a 12 is. A krak head. I’m sorry.

I’m torn on the name and colors overall. On one hand, Kraken is cool and awesome and badass. We could have certainly done worse. It is briefly in the comic but I want to take a moment to dunk on this loser:

The last thing we need is another Mets. Funny aside, this tweet is how I suddenly came to the realization that the New York Mets are the New York Metropolitans. I finally get it. Anyway, that’s a stupid and outdated name for a hockey team. Yeah, let’s name a team based on…uh…the concept of a large municipality? The people who live within a geographical area? The Seattle City Dwellers? This bum wants Seattle to use a name of a team that hasn’t existed since world war 1, and lasted less than a decade. They have the notable history of winning the first US Stanley Cup. Whoopie. Mets is a garbage name for 2020 and isn’t even unique thanks to New York baseball.

On the other hand there is a part of me that feels Kraken feels a little…90’s cool to the xtreme. I heard Seattle Sockeyes was a potential option, and although I’m happy with Kraken, I think I would have liked that too. It’s more alliterative and it does reflect an aspect of Seattle. The logo would have been hilarious too, because Salmon are ugly as shit. Seriously. Salmon are hideous, even for fish. But Kraken allows for more interesting interpretations and is indeed more badass than an ugly fish. Kraken is cool.

I’m less thrilled by the colors and logo. I love the alternate logo with the space needle anchor. I find the main logo kind of disappointing. It’s just a lousy S with an eyeball. WHERE ARE MY TENTACLES? Don’t give me a stupid S, GIVE ME A SEA MONSTER. The colors are probably a result of being forced to match the “theme” of Seattle sports. Dark navy blues coming at ya! Give me more of anything else. Stop giving Seattle team the same colors as the Seattle sky for 8 months of the year.

I’m just being nitpicky at this point. I’m happy to have a hockey team and I look forward to rooting for them.