I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty tempted to pick something up. If I wasn’t a fan of an explicit division rival and also morally opposed to giving the NFL my money, this would actually be a great thing to pick up. The Washington Football Team is stated as a temporary name, and that means the Washington Team merch will be inherently a limited edition piece of history. If I was a more neutral fan or a WFT fan, I’d be scooping up some WFT swag. It will be a neat little bit of team lore, even more interesting than having classic old Skins branded merchandise.

I also must admit that I kind of like the Washington Football Team. It has a classic vintage style to it, or something closer to a soccer club name. It is more interesting than most names and will probably be more interesting than whatever generic name they actually do go with. I love what they did with the uniform too, using the jersey number as the helmet icon. I think they’d look even more classic with no number, but it’s a pretty effective version of their now former look.

If all of this didn’t feel like a blatant way to try and gain back some goodwill and cover up the story of the organization being a misogynistic trash fire I’d be pretty stoked! Please do not let this neat little thing distract you from remembering that the WFT organization is a pile of shit.

Since this is a Harry Potter reference and JK Rowling is a TERF jackass, here’s some donation links to support trans people, because trans people are people

EDIT: Friday’s comic will go up Next Week, I came down with some serious stomach issues last night and couldn’t finish it