BONUS COMIC! I had this idea and this is the only time it would be reasonable to use it, so I made the comic. Also to see if updates on Saturdays is a viable option.

Marshawn’s media issues were the biggest story of the week, sadly. The biggest story wasn’t Peyton, or even Sherman, but the fact that a guy didn’t want to chat to a bunch of wolves asking inane questions. At first I was against him for it. Regardless of how much sports media sucks, he is still contractually obligated to talk to them. Everyone has that one part of the job that you really hate, and just have to power through. The media is what I would imagine that part to be for most players. And most players who hate the media normally take the “cliches and boring answers” route, because it keeps the vultures from finding anything juicy to crap out a story with. But even then, they still find ways to do it. I saw an article posted to Reddit about Peyton throwing lame duck passes. An entire page was written about one sentence where Peyton made a joke. Ugh.

So I initially blamed Lynch for his own problems, because his actions actually hurt him more, made him the story, made him get more attention. If he had Belichick’d his way through it he would have been fine because reporters would have found him dull and moved on. But after talking with some Seahawks fans, apparently this is a big issue with Lynch. I’d never heard about his media shyness till this past week, but apparently he’s been like this since he got there, and possibly since he came into the league and earlier. It simply blew up now because it’s the Super Bowl and everyone gets hyper coverage. Watching some of the interviews, Lynch doesn’t look so much unhappy but extremely uncomfortable. So now I just feel bad for the guy. Spotlight and media clearly is not something he enjoys, and his aversion to it has landed him even more. It’s sad.

Unfortunately the Media is still part of the biz, so unless he can come up with a medical excuse he’s either going to have to take the fine or figure out a way to get through it. Lynch is my favorite player on the Seahawks, so I hope things turn out all right for the guy.

I’m really excited for this Super Bowl. It’s going to be great. I predict a Seahawks victory, I think they are the slightly better team and have the ways to neuter Peyton, who is the whole Broncos team. I wouldn’t mind seeing Peyton get another ring though, and it would be great to see Champ Bailey get one too. On the other side I love me some Russell Wilson and Beast Mode and seeing a city without a championship get this excited is kind of neat, so it’s a win win from my unbiased view. So excited.