I’m just rubbing it in at this point because it’s hilarious to see newbie sad Seattle fans not able to deal with a heartbreaker. I saw so many posts on reddit, in fan forums, everywhere in Seattle fan circles where some fan would say “How are you guys dealing with it? I can’t seem to get over it” and the like. It’s so cute. I love it. It’s like watching someone deal with their first break up.

So I was in Seattle for a couple days mid-week and I found myself with some free time, so I wandered around downtown and saw all the tourist sites. Of course this was a mid Feb weekday, so there weren’t many tourists. Despite living only 3 hours south I hadn’t been to Seattle since I was 9 years old on a vacation with my family. The city I remember was so much smaller. When did Seattle become a massive metropolis? I’ve never been the “big  city” guy and big cities always made me kind of uncomfortable, and I wasn’t expecting to get that with Seattle but apparently between age 9 and now the tech industry took over. Seattle is a big boy now.

I walked down to a completely empty Century Link field, stood in the parking lot and then right in front of the big tower wondering if security was going to get suspicious at this random dude just chilling in a very empty square. It is a really nice stadium and I have to give Seattle props, that place looks great. Especially if they’d remove at least some of the 20 plus 12 flags I counted on just one section. Stupid 12 flag, I don’t get it. It’s not even the right color blue. Flag should be Seahawk blue with green highlights or vice versa, not what looks like Detroit Lions blue. The 12 was still everywhere, but I imagine it would have been 3 times as bad if they had won.

And yes, I walked around Seattle with my Trail Blazers hoodie and Giants hat. No one commented on the Giants hat but got some hate for the Blazers hoodie. Still bitter about the Sonics, which I completely get.