So this offseason the big QB free agent was Peyton Manning. Denver won that round. After Peyton, the next biggest free agent was Aaron Rodgers Backup, Matt Flynn. He had played a few games, and looked really good against (a really bad) Lions secondary, setting some Packers records.

Seattle won the “Flynnsanity” sweepstakes. Then, in the NFL draft, they drafted Wisconsin Badger QB Russell Wilson. A short, scrambler type in the mold of Mike Vick. As a 3rd rounder, nobody expected much out of Wilson. Then he set Seattle on fire during the preseason. He played so well he has been given the starting job over Matt Flynn, who basically just got a big contract to end up another backup.

Russell runs around a lot and is very short for a QB, but if he plays the way he did in the preseason, he’s going to be a big threat. I’m rooting for the guy, even though I love me some Flynn too.

EDIT: A few fans have called me on Wilson’s style, and from some research he’s not too much like Vick, but he does have a good ability to scramble, but doesn’t do it fairly frequently. Unlike Vick (Or Tebow) he won’t do it in the first sign of trouble or rely on it. Russell is a pass first QB all the way. He’s got some skill with his legs though.