I’m sure a bunch of you have been waiting for my comment on Marshawn retiring since it was big news and I’ve been a huge defender of him in the past. I loved his retirement just as much as I’ve loved everything else about the man.

It’s sad to see him go but hardly unexpected. There was a lot of murmur last year when he was hurt, and this season it felt like he was never on the field. His angry impact running style seems like it caught up to him in the same way it catches up to most running backs. Hopefully his injuries aren’t too bad and he lives a reasonable life. I’m curious to see what he does, actually, because Marshawn’s such an interesting character. He seems like fame didn’t really change him much, and despite his rough roots he seems like he’s still fairly grounded. He goes back to his home in Oakland a lot just to hang out. I don’t know what Marshawn is going to do, but he seems like he’ll be happy especially once the media leaves him alone. He struck me as a guy who played football for the game, not the fame, kind of like Calvin Johnson. I respect the hell out of that.

He’s not a Hall of Famer. Marshawn sits firmly in the Hall of Very Good. His career numbers aren’t much better than Shaun Alexander’s. He does have a ring and the greatest run of all time, but one great play doesn’t get you into the hall of fame. No. Don’t give me that look. I know you just typed “But what about Lynn Swann?” Lynn Swann had 4 rings and was an integral part of the Steelers 70’s dynasty, and he’s easily one of the worst HoF choices. Plus, getting into the HoF involves some serious politics and if there is a player who isn’t going to play politics, it’s Marshawn Lynch. I saw one argument that if the Seahawks dominance continues that maybe, maybe hall of fame voters will look back on Lynch as a legacy dynasty player like Swann, but I find that sort of ridiculous. The Seahawks don’t rise to prominence without him, but if they stay good, Russell is going to get the credit. As he probably should, Russell is very good. Lynch just isn’t getting in.

Now excuse me while I pour out a package of Skittles for my man Lynch.