With the dawn of a new season comes Training Camp and Preseason. With those comes…injuries. Lots of them. Players go down left and right, Rookies and Vets. I think it’s mostly due to players having fallen out of shape and needing to get back into the groove, they might be more likely to hurt themselves. One of the reasons I’m a proponent of not going  to an 18 game season, the Preseason is always loaded with injuries and it gives most teams enough time to partially adapt, as opposed to a mid-season injury which wrecks the team.

Another thing: two years ago, the Packers got decimated in Preseason. They eventually pulled it all together for a superbowl run. Last year the Giants did the same thing. Getting healthy at the right time pays dividends for decent teams, so keep your eye on teams that take a lot of punishment early but stay in the hunt. The Chargers have taken a lot of hits lately, expect them to pull something out of their ass late season and get Norv an extension.  Which would drive many SD fans to suicide.