So around this time last year, I made a comic with these two teams and bandwagons. It’s kind of funny to look back at that comic now with the result of this season so far, because it almost takes on a different meaning. Last year around this time the Raiders were okay, looking like a promising young team with some issues. So did the Vikings, but the Vikings were actually really good, and for whatever reason nobody was noticing. This year, that comic reads like the Bandwagoners have given up on the Vikings after their current slump and the Raiders guy makes even more sense.

Now the Raiders might legit be the second best team in the conference behind the Pats, and is now the team to beat in the AFC West, probably the best division in football. It took a bit of a slow start, but the Raiders are starting to find a groove and play like the dark horse many expected at Season’s Start. Derek Carr is the real deal. Coop and Crab are great fun to watch. Jack Del Rio is a fun coach with big ol’ balls. The defense has a bunch of studs. The stadium is kind of shit (well, not kind of) but the Raiders are good again and it’s honestly one of the few really fun, quality things about this underwhelming season of football.

The Vikings, now that’s an interesting story. This year they weren’t ignored. This year they came out and blasted away at teams for 3 weeks with an incredible defense, and people noticed. I saw legitimate Sam Bradford MVP chatter in week 4. The Vikings effectively got crowned kings of the NFC after week 5, and then…the next 3 games happened. The Eagles beat them up with a rookie QB (and the Eagles haven’t really looked great since). The Bears of all teams managed to beat them. Then the Lions beat them in overtime. That’s two major divisional losses in a row. The offense is garbage, and Norv Turner left, giving Bradford yet another system to learn behind the offensive line equivalent of wet tissue paper. Matt Asiago Cheese sucks. Straight sucks. Now the Vikings are possibly in freefall and the wide open division actually kind of seems like it’s leaning towards the surprisingly decent Lions now.