I made a comic about the Raiders going to Vegas already, so go read that blog post. I made that when it was a sure thing. Then it became a not sure thing again, and then recently became an official sure thing. It’s sad how quickly Mark Davis went from “Quirky weirdo” to “Evil bastard” on the owner scale. He’s up there with the rest of the evil ones now, which is a bummer, I liked quirky weirdo Mark Davis; the bizarre man child of legend. He was a unique guy. Bad haircut, would probably end up at a strip club just because he likes the food.

Bummer for Oakland fans for sure. I still don’t know if it will hurt Oakland fans as much as the Rams hurt St. Louis or the Chargers hurt SD. The Raiders are a strange fanbase thanks to multiple moves in their history and a general outsider vibe. The Raiders have always been a unique group. There will probably be more LA Raiders fans during LA Chargers home games this year. The Chargers should have moved to Vegas if they had to move, LA is still a Raiders hub.

I¬†can’t decide if the Raiders winning a Super Bowl in the next two years would suck or rule for Oakland. They would go out with a bang, getting one championship to celebrate before it is all ripped away and watching Vegas enjoy the hot new team hype train. I’m looking forward to seeing how the NFL tries to justify no official sports betting with a team in Vegas, and what sort of crazy stories we get about visiting players (or hometowners) getting the “Vegas” treatment. Maybe Kahlil Mack will wake up one morning and found out he drunk married Amari Cooper the previous¬†night. We are in for some fun.

St. Louis just filed a lawsuit against the NFL about the Rams move, so maybe something notable will come from that too.