Sorry Chargers fans, that sucks. At least you might see Antonio Gates do a swan song? After, you know, you left him go? That won’t be awkward.

Hunter Henry was poised to become one of the top TE’s in the game pretty soon so seeing his season go up in flames so early is balls. Best of luck to the man.

The AFC West is gonna be a shitshow this year. I think they are primed for the annual “Division that is so bad people briefly consider changing how the playoffs work” division. The Broncos are bleh and sucked last year, and there’s no guarantees Case Keenum is any good without the Vikings he had around him. The Chiefs kinda fell apart. The Chargers tried, then fell apart. The Raiders hung out in mediocresville and then hired an over-hyped retread from the turn of the century to cover the move to Vegas. It’s gonna be bad.  One of them will be at 6 wins in week 14 and we’ll all be panicked about how this team will host a playoff game.