Just in case you missed this tiny little story of Mike Glennon at OTAs. Sounds like someone isn’t handling the Arizona heat very well!

I wish Mike Glennon was better. He’s extremely fun to draw so I wish I had more excuses to doodle him.

I’m excited to see what happens in Arizona this year. Sam Bradford strikes me as the favorite to start, being the one with the most experience and being good the past few years when he actually played. That’s of course the problem, Sam Bradford is made of glass. Does anyone expect Bradford to last the year? I’m predicting death by week 3.

Mike Glennon I assume is going to be the #3 guy. Nobody has to have faith in Glennon. Glennon is going to be a guy who floats from team to team for 10 years, occasionally going under center, maybe even winning a game once or twice. I don’t know if I expect to see Glennon throw a ball on the field this season. I think he’s a nightmare scenario safety net.

Josh Rosen is the obvious play. I assume he gets the ball when Bradford blows up and is more or less Mitch Trubisky this year. I actually like Josh Rosen and I think he’ll be a good QB. I like his attitude. Chip on your shoulder guys seem like they have a drive other people don’t. Brady has it. Rodgers has it. Baker Mayfield has it, and if he succeeds I think that’ll be a big reason why.

The Cardinals are in an interesting spot and I think primed to surprise people or flame out. The hype is on the Rams and the 49ers. The Rams I expect to be good again. The 49ers I think are being overrated but they will be middle of the road. The Hawks I expect to continue their slow slide into mediocrity as Russell Wilson literally becomes the whole team. The Cards are just kinda there, and if the division slinks back I think they can pop 9 wins, maybe more, and at best get knocked out in the wildcard round. They could also suck, but I wanna be bold and put them as the 2nd best team in the division. Keep this comic bookmarked for when I inevitably get that wrong.

Happy #800!