Oh Vikings. Sam Bradford has the game of his life against the Saints defense (as a QB does) and then missed the second week thrashing by the Steelers for a mysterious knee problem that is now apparently been revealed as a bone bruise. The Vikings mistake? trusting Sam Bradford. Never trust that man. He looks at injured reserve like a dog looks at a hungry steak.

The Vikings looked great against the Saints but week 1 should always be taken with salt, and teams like to look good against the Saints. The Saints are bad and I think Sean Payton is a good candidate for a mid-season fire if Brees can’t drag them to a few wins soon.

The Vikings were never going to win against the Steelers with Case Keenum but I kind of expected a better fight from the defense at least. The Vikings are one of those teams I think is fighting for pure mediocrity, that comfy spot where they never really compete for the playoffs, but aren’t really bad so everyone just kind of forgets about them. They go 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7. Then they draft a lineman on defense or offense at pick #14 in the draft and nobody cares.

I would pick the Vikings, Saints, Eagles, Skins, Ravens, Cardinals, Giants, Panthers, and Chargers as this year’s big contenders for “ultimately a dull mediocre season that fans will have trouble remembering”. For the Chargers people wont remember it because no one cares about the LA Chargers. Everyone else will either be pretty good, pretty bad, or at the very least, interesting.

Also, I know Mike Zimmer doesn’t need the eye-patch anymore but I never got to draw him with it so deal with it.