The Raiders winning a game means the members of the 2008 Lions get to crack out the bottle of Moonshine or whatever horrible alcohol they use to celebrate once again being the only team to ever go “defeated” in a 16 game season. It’s sad, but as we get further from the 2008 year, I’ve seen some Lions fans embrace it ironically, which is probably better for their health. Things look up for the Lions right now, so good for them.

When the Raiders were 0-8 vegas bets started turning up about the 0-16. Stupid people put down money on it. I would have never taken that bet, personally. The Raiders had put up fights on teams this year before, and I think people don’t realize just how hard going 0-16 actually is. Almost every season we get a team like this, and they usually win that first game right around this time as the pressure mounts. It’s almost the polar opposite yet same deal as going undefeated. Think about it, only the expansion Bucs and 2008 Lions have completed the defeated season…it’s harder than you’d think.

Also I know I said no Saturday Comic, I am extremely unreliable. On the second hand, no guest comics submitted yet so *glares sadly into the distance while emo music plays* no one likes me I guess.

I did however get this sent to me by a friend of mine, so thanks Luke!