So as it turns out my crappy old laptop is a touch better then I thought it would be at handling Photoshop. I wanted to make this just a simple comic but I decided to try and go full on, just to see how the laptop handled. It took longer than it should have and the final product is a bit rough around the edges compared to normal (not to mention that it’s still visually simple, even for me) but it held up and we might not be on total comic hiatus after all. I doubt I will do a comic for Saturday, but we might get one next week. My offer for taking guest comics still stands, so if you were working on something, please, keep going.

So I hope Buffalo is okay. I went to College in Rochester, and spent some time if Buffalo and I have the utmost respect for just how efficient they are at handling snow. They are pros. It could snow 3 feet in the afternoon at school and evening classes wouldn’t be cancelled, they were so good. Buffalo is a city of tough fighters. That this snowstorm could level the area with such deadly efficiency really speaks to just how bad it really is up there, and I hope the worst is over and everyone is okay.

Kyle Orton is drinking that whiskey to keep him warm.