I wonder if I’m the first person in history to ever draw a person committing Seppuku with their own tears.

Deep down we all knew it was going to miss, didn’t we? That kick had shank written all over it. Walsh makes three field goals from far away and is given a chip shot chance to win the game, of course he’s going to shank it. I knew it would happen when the Vikings got the ball on the final drive (this tweet was made right after the first play of the drive, watch the replies go from haha yeah that would be funny to HOLY CRAP YOU KNOW THE FUTURE?). I like patting myself on the back but that you could smell that shank from miles away. I feel terrible for poor Blair Walsh. He was the only reason the Vikings were even in the game, and I’m sure that ball was miserably hard to kick in that cold.

Just another game in the long line of Vikings playoff heartbreak. Honestly it sucked but people are ranking it so high among playoff heartbreaks already (It was a wildcard loss for heaven’s sake) when a more heartbreaking loss happened just the previous day. What happened with the Bengals was worse than this, and while the loss hurts, I think Vikings fans have a lot to feel positive about. They have a young team, a great coach, a fresh new QB, a stellar defense, an ageless running back and they won the division when nobody really expected them to do that much. This team is on the right path. They need to get an offensive line to protect Teddy and they might be championship caliber.

Seattle is going to beat Carolina. Calling it now. Seattle has bullshit powers and Carolina had to mount an epic comeback on them earlier this year, and that was when the Seahawks were the bad Seahawks. I swear to god if we get another Patriots/Seahawks super bowl I’m going to cry.

Also I made a variation on this comic idea for Bleacher Report yesterday. Sometimes you can’t decide on a punchline so you do both.