I am a method artist, I stabbed myself multiple times before making this comic.

If someone had asked me before the season who I thought would be the good team that goes through a massive regression I would have picked the 49ers. 3 NFC championship games is an unsustainable level of success in today’s NFL, and I just felt like with all the old people on the team that they were due for the injury bug. I wish I had taken that bet, because I think I was right. To be fair and to not pat myself on the back, I was far from the only person who thought this might happen. However it’s still startling to see how bad the 49ers have gotten. That they’ve won as many games as they have is kind of remarkable. Eli gave them 5 interceptions and one of his worst days as a QB ever, and the Giants still almost won that game. Kaepernick has regressed horribly, he looks terrified in the pocket and all his throws are bullets that go way too far or…well that’s all his passes. The team lacks discipline and gets flagged constantly, many of them legitimate despite what 49er fans would say. Vernon Davis doesn’t look like he’s trying anymore, and Crabtree looks as mediocre as Sherman claimed he was. The O-line is old and broken and bad. Their all-pro linebackers are hurt, and Brooks is being a head case. Justin Smith is old. Not to mention that Greg Roman is a terrible, terrible offensive coordinator who can’t seem to use his players for what they are good at. Kaep isn’t going to be a pocket passer, at least not for several more years, stop forcing it on him and give him designed runs and simpler reads again. On top of all of this, the Harbaugh Drama. Will he leave? How could he leave? They finally find a coach worth something since Bill Walsh left and they are going to let him walk? And he could go to hated, hated Oakland.

I think the 49ers window has officially closed for now. They are heading towards a mild rebuild next season, possibly worse if they have a new coaching staff.

Meanwhile, The Raiders are still really bad, but there is something to build on down there for what might be the first time in a decade. Carr could be great surrounded by more talent, the ability is there. Mack is amazing. If they can draft better (Reggie hasn’t hit as often as he should) they could finally rise out of the gutter and have a chance by the time Peyton retires in a few years. Very far to go, but there is reason to have hope in Oakland.