The Cowboys went 8-8 three years straight, each year losing the final game of the season to the eventual division winner. It was an incredible streak, especially since Romo tended to have bad “romo-esque” meltdowns, and each game was lost to the 3 different NFC East teams, in a row. Honestly it was kind of magical, and I remember rooting for the Eagles last year just because I wanted to see it happen for the third time.

It was probably a pipe dream to have it happen 4 years in a row. It should have been obvious it wouldn’t happen again when the team that plays them in week 17, the Redskins, failed to compete for the division, I think we all sort of knew it wouldn’t happen 4 years straight. On Thursday, with the beating of the Bears, the Cowboys won their 9th game, meaning they can’t go lower than 9-7 on the season.

A tragedy.

I asked Jay Cutler what he thought