Didn’t have a lot of time today so I made this, a reference to a very good video game. Fallout New Vegas is very good.

It’s also freakishly close to possibly happening? The world is a fragile place and at any moment it could be broken by nuclear war, and then what? We have a Raiders team in vegas that becomes actual raiders. The fans already dress exactly like the Raiders from fallout. The Steelers form up ranks and become the Brotherhood of Steel(ers). The Patriots become the Enclave. ┬áNdamukong Suh-per mutants. Eagles and Cowboys fans become the synths from the institute because they aren’t real people. Should the 49ers be the New California Republic? They are probably more like mole rats at this point. The point is, we’re all doomed.

People are upset about the Raiders move (The paperwork is filed, seems to be happening, appears the Raiders will stay in Oakland until construction is done in Vegas) but this move feels so different than the move just last week with the Chargers. The Chargers move felt like a betrayal, a travesty, a tragedy, a move of extreme greed and hubris, a mistake, all at once. The Raiders move…feels like it kind of makes sense. I know that’s not what Oakland fans want to hear and they have a right to hurt, but it kind of does make sense. It feels like the Rams move last year. It was terrible for the fans in St. Louis, but the team going to LA made sense. Sense in a way the Chargers move doesn’t. On top of that, this move feels to be more a move of necessity than greed. Spanos wasn’t the richest owner but San Diego was workable, and he didn’t have any real genuine interest in making it work.

I think Mark Davis actually likes Oakland and wanted to stay there, but Davis is easily the poorest owner and economically building a new stadium for the Raiders felt so much harder. I’m sure greed and such is still involved, but it doesn’t feel like the betrayal the Chargers move felt like. I kind of like the idea of Raiders in Vegas, and their fanbase is everywhere and will go to those games, unlike the Chargers, who felt like a very San Diego homegrown proud establishment. It’ll be good for the franchise in some ways, how many people do you think will plan a trip to Vegas now to see their team play the Raiders that wouldn’t have gone to Oakland for a visit?

Just make sure when you go to Vegas to pack power armor.