Goddamnit why do the Giants have to have the monopoly of scumbag idiot kickers?

Just a few years ago we found out the Giants kicker beat his wife. Now we get a kicker who drives drunk at 100mph. Ugh. As of yet Rosas has not been cut although I expect it eventually. The Giants are not known for swift movement for better or worse, unless circumstances cause enough backlash to force their hand. Since this is the offseason and we may not even have a season anyway, they have the opportunity to wait and take their time the same way they are with DeAndre Baker.

I honestly have no desire to keep him. I’ve gone into detail on this before, but the variation between a good kicker and a bad kicker honestly isn’t as huge a gap as other positions. A bad kicker will still make most of his field goals, you just don’t have the same level of trust that this next kick wont go awry. There also doesn’t seem to be much consistency year in and year out. Someone like Tucker is great, but most kickers all seem to have good years and down years, which is why they seem to float about through the league unless they are a Tucker-like level and get locked up. Rosas is a pretty solid example of both ends of the spectrum.

His first year with the Giants was garbage. His second year he was a pro-bowl kicker and we all thought we found our answer. Then last year he returned to being a pile of garbage. If we dump him we could probably get at least a slightly better performance out of the new guy. While Rosas certainly showed he had the ability to be a great kicker, he’s been bad more times than he’s been good. Now he almost killed someone due to poor decision making. I can’t say I’d feel much if we let him go. This was his second DUI since 2016, at this point I’d rather him get the help he might need.

Protests are still happening and you can still help if you are looking to. People are still getting locked up unfairly and need help with bail.