It is kinda funny how things turn out sometimes. The draft really is a crapshoot. Last year, the Giants made 3 picks in the first round. Daniel Jones, made with pick #6, was pretty much roundly panned. He’s got a ways to go but he certainly wasn’t awful last season, maybe due to those low expectations. He showed enough promise to at least give us reason to wait and see. Dexter Lawrence, picked at #17, was seen as a weird choice as we didn’t really need a DT compared to other positions. Sexy Dexy was great last season and probably the best rookie on the team. The last pick, which the Giants actually traded up for, was DeAndre Baker, the CB out of Georgia. He was a highly touted prospect and seen as easily the Giants only good choice in the draft.

He got his ass smoked, slept in meetings, and is now a criminal who may not even be on the team after this! Hooray!

I mean what the hell. It actually felt like it had been a while since some idiot player got in serious criminal trouble so maybe we were due. After all, how can people continue to stereotype the entire league as “Bad people” based on the actions of one or two if nobody is doing bad stuff? Earl Thomas was a douche but he wasn’t doing the crimes. We needed a new NFL scumbag scapegoat to arise and thankfully Mr Baker and his buddy Quinton Dunbar have stepped up admirably.

Armed robbery! Stealing and riding sweet getaway cars! Not social distancing whatsoever! This case has plenty of spice. If you look at his twitter you might even see his most recent tweet from September, in what I can only assume is his sweet escape vehicle. A part of me wanted to believe that my good man was pulling a Robin Hood but something tells me he wasn’t giving those fancy watches to poor orphans like a Lamborghini Santa Claus.

This story is still clearly in the early stages though, so I assume over time more will come out. If stories change, there are plenty of ways he might avoid legal issues but if it drags on I don’t see him avoiding a suspension and if any of it is true, there is a decent chance he gets released and ends up on the Cowboys because, well, (gestures at Jerry Jones). Of course now witnesses are recanting stories suspiciously like they got paid off or something! My friends, this could get fun or fizzle out in a hurry. Since we’re all stuck in pandemic purgatory, let’s hope the spice keeps flowing.

Also former Giant Cody Lattimer also did a gun crime and is also in trouble. Good week. Just…great stuff everybody.