Tim Tebow isn’t the only guy out of the league for years who is coming back to play tight end! Big Kelvin Benjamin is back, and he’s no longer the Widest Receiver. He’s a tight end. Something the idiot savant known as Booger Mcfarland seemed to predict.

I doubt he makes the final roster but it’s nice to see and I’m rooting for anyone to reduce Engram’s time on the field. I wish he’d go whole hog and fill up enough to play right guard but I’ll settle for a guy big enough to block and catch. With Engram the main speedy option and the newly acquired Kyle Rudolph (a signing I was extremely happy about) as the secondary option/red zone weapon though, I’m not sure where Benjamin would fit in. He’d have to play really damn well to sneak in a spot, but if he does, he’d be useful in a limited capacity. Sometimes he’d be a TE, sometimes they could use him as a WR decoy thing or whatever…if Jason Garrett had any imagination at least.

The Giants are probably the only team that would take him on since he has a history with Gettleman. Benjamin was basically a bust and very lazy and he hasn’t been on a roster since 2018. It’s pretty easy to write him off as an easy scratch. Since I don’t have expectations, I’m rooting for him. You always gotta root for a good comeback story. He’s still big enough to play tight end if he learns the position well enough. He’ll never burn anybody again but tight ends don’t have to. Besides, our burner tight end is Engram, and he cant catch anyway, so he’s useless. I kinda wish they’d just make Engram a WR.

Anyway welcome to May football, where the content well runs dry and we give a shit about washed up dudes getting signed to be bodies in minicamp. Probably gonna start making more Laterals soon.

I don’t eat a lot of fast food, especially these days, so I’ve only actually ever had Popeyes once. It was pretty good for fast food chicken. I grew up with KFC and KFC is pretty bad and the last time I had it I just hated myself. Chick-Fil-A is average, the chicken was meh but the fries and sauces were where the action was. I have not had Bojangles or any other fried chicken fast food, so please inform me if anything else is worth trying for a guy who usually wont get it in the first place.