Dear readers. Thank you for taking the time to come to your Fan-Team conference. We understand you’ve been a little concerned with your team’s grades this year. Well, we are happy to discuss them, piece by piece.

Now we know there wasn’t much reason to expect anything good out of the team this season. After a misguided attempt to try and make a playoff push with old broken Eli in 2018, they committed to the rebuild. They drafted a new QB, they got rid of a lot of veterans, and decided to spend at least this season in cap hell. They brought in Golden Tate, but he was suspended. Injuries have occurred. This team had no talent on defense, problems on offense, and can’t really try anything till next year. Bottom line is that anyone with a sane brain should have gone into this season feeling fairly relaxed, because this was a bad team with no true expectations. In that sense, the Giants have only mildly disappointed. GRADE: B

Eli played two games and looked like the same scared puppy he has looked like for 4+ years now. Eli is broken and done. Daniel Jones got the job and so far has looked…like a rookie. He’s not the terrible joke of a player that many immediately derided him as after his draft night. He’s also not the savoir that briefly flashed before our eyes during the Bucs comeback. Jones has looked fine for the position he’s in. He has good TD numbers. He’s great at scrambling and has single-handedly saved multiple drives on a 3rd down play with his legs, something Eli could never do. He’s shown a good deal of fearlessness that Eli lacks now, and his accuracy seems alright. Negatives? Typical rookie stuff. Jones has misread the defenses and thrown some ugly balls and plenty of picks. He holds the ball too long, which is part of his biggest flaw: his fumbles. Jones cannot hold onto the ball whatsoever. He’s good for at least two drops a game. You can only blame him holding the ball too long for so much of that. Security and quicker decisions need to be a coaching priority. All of this said, I wanted Dwayne Haskins, and right now I’m content we grabbed Jones instead. GRADE: B-

Jones has his own flaws but it’s hard to ignore that he’s been put in a fairly rough position so far. The offensive line is still pretty bad and is only getting worse with injuries piling up. Zeitler and Hernandez, the two guards, have been the only decent players. The Giants still can’t find a tackle. Jones gets pressured easily on most pass plays and Saquon has nowhere to go. Saquon himself has been banged up, missing several games and generally looking off since he returned. In the game against the Jets, behind the patchwork O-line, he played terrible but was hit in the backfield on the majority of running plays. The WR position has been even more of a shitshow. Shepard, our new top man after trading Beckham, has missed most of the season with concussion issues and I’m honestly worried for his health at this point. I’d almost rather see him on IR now, since this season is lost. Golden Tate has been a fine solid #2, good for one sweet catch per game but he’s past his prime and shouldn’t be the #1 target. Darius Slayton, the 5th round rookie, has gotten better every week and generally seems to have a good vibe with Jones. He’s been a pleasant surprise. Engram…Engram I have a problem with. He can’t stay healthy, he can’t block, and he seems like a guy who has coasted on potential for his entire 3 year career. Every week you hear the announcers talk about how he’s so fast and how he can really open it up but…he mostly hasn’t. He has one cool play once in a while. So many Giants fans seem to have a blind spot for this guy, but frankly I think he’s overrated. GRADE: C-

The defense is pretty meh. No linebackers worth much outside Connelly, who tore his ACL in week 4. No pass rush to speak of and most sacks this year feel like coverage sacks or QBs just holding onto the ball too long. Interior DL has been okay. Secondary has been truly awful. Baker looks lost and is getting picked on. Jackrabbit doesn’t try half the time. Bethea tries, but he’s old and slow. Peppers is okay. The defense has gotten gashed in the first quarter almost every game this year, but for some reason seems to make proper adjustments and keep themselves around. Honestly the defense is just a lack of talent outperforming themselves, imo. GRADE: C

Rosas was incredible last year but this year he’s all over the place. Still don’t understand why kickers are so variable from year to year. Nothing else is worth a note. GRADE: D

(QB) Jones has been slightly better than expected but worse than hoped for. He’s also stuck in a shitty situation. Outside his propensity to fumble, I’ve been perfectly fine with him this season.
(DT) Dexter Lawrence has been pretty good. Solid interior DL. He’s gotten some pressure and he’s a big boy who tackles. Fairly content with this pick.
(CB) DeAndre Baker has been pretty bad considering he was considered the best pick the Giants made at the time. But he also plays a position that usually takes some time to translate to the NFL level, is not getting much help, and doesn’t have a pass rush making his job easier. Still, below what we’d hoped for.
(DL) Oshane Ximines has not played a ton of snaps, and has not done anything of particular note. As a 3rd round pass rusher, that’s not terribly worrying, yet.
(CB) Julian Love has not done anything of note and has mostly been a special teams…guy
(LB) Ryan Connelly was actually looking like a big diamond in the rough before he went down. Excited to see him next year and hope he gets better
(WR) Darius Slayton started slow but thanks to injuries to Shepard has seen his playing time increase, and has made the most of it. He leads the team in TDs and has generally been a solid find.
(CB) Corey Ballentine is a special teams guy and has also played some defensive snaps. Nothing of note, but after all he was a 6th rounder.
The last two picks are a guy who never played a snap and went on IR and another guy who got cut before the season
Overall, some solid lower round picks have evened out the average or lackluster higher picks. GRADE: B

Fucking terrible. I like to give coaches 3 years unless they are a special kind of terrible, and Shurmur is veering hard into that territory. His gameplans are garbage and the Giants look like shit in every single 1st quarter so far (we’ve scored no more than 7 points in any 1st quarter and have scored only 3 points COMBINED for the last 6 games). Shurmur’s playcalling is also garbage. The Jets were stuffing Saquon up the middle every time, yet instead of trying some outside runs or literally anything else, he ran Saquon, a guy known for elusiveness, up the gut right into the DL 13 times. Yet the one time we tried a screen play we scored a TD. The playcalling has been abysmal. Shumur just seems like a dude standing there most of the time. I respect that the players seem to like him but he’s not elevating this team in any way. James Bettcher, the DC, has been…average to poor. I said it feels like the defense is over-performing talent level a bit, but they still have some big issues. GRADE: F

This team sucks, but it was always destined to. Injuries have damaged the chances to run the offense at full ability but terrible playcalling has also been a culprit. There are bright spots, but all of them are in relation to future potential, not right now. The Giants should have still been able to beat the Jets though, so this season, as pitiful as it is, has still managed to fall below expectations. Next year is likely the end of this regime. The Giants will have a ton of cap space and high draft picks. If Gettleman brings in bad free agents and doesn’t have a good draft, and Shumur continues to look lost, I expect a cleansing by the end of the season. This is a lost year, and the only recourse I have left is hoping we can still sweep the Skins.